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Download Ray Bulgarin [Add-On Ped] V1.0 GTA 5 Mods 100% Free: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) has earned its reputation as one of the most immersive and expansive open-world games of all time. Yet, for players seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and add their unique touch to the virtual streets of Los Santos, the realm of GTA 5 mods is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of GTA 5 mods, uncovering the limitless possibilities they offer, and how they foster a community bound by passion and ingenuity.

Description of Ray Bulgarin [Add-On Ped] V1.0 GTA 5 Mods

He employed Niko Bellic, who smuggled people into Italy from Eastern Europe, until one run in which the ship sank, and Niko was forced to abandon the ship. Bulgarin blamed Niko for this loss and sought to hunt him down. Niko joined the merchant navy to escape Bulgarin’s influence within Europe and spent seven months on the Platypus before escaping to Liberty City.

In 2008, Bulgarin returned to Liberty City to expand his business interests, met up with his old friend Dimitri Rascalov. Dimitri offered Niko, who was working for him by chance, to Bulgarin without hesitation; Niko escaped the ambush and Bulgarin still insisted on tracking him down, with Dimitri’s help.

Much more about Bulgarin is revealed in the Ballad of Gay Tony; he is interested in buying the Liberty City Rampage hockey team from Marki Ashvilli, as well as the Maisonette 9 nightclub from “Gay” Tony Prince. More about his personal lifestyle is also shown – he owns an Oracle, a blue Landstalker (which he sacrifices to kill a crooked NOOSE team on his case) and a black Marbelle. In his spare time, he enjoys playing rock music with his bodyguard Timur. He also has very impressive collections of arcade machines, sports and rock memorabilia (some of it used by famous rock stars, including a $50,000 guitar) and even fine art (he talks on the phone about wanting to pay $20 million for a painting). Bulgarin believes “everything has a price, you just have to find out what it is”, going so far as to try to hire a Maisonette 9 waitress as a prostitute for the night. Bulgarin hired Luis Lopez to assist him with the hockey team acquisition. Eventually, he and Ashvilli have an argument, and Luis must kill the team owner in a hectic ambush.

Eventually, Bulgarin discovers that Tony and Luis had obtained the diamonds that were stolen from him by a cook, which made him turn against Luis. He set a trap for Luis, having beheaded the cook and leaving his head in a birthday cake box on a rooftop for Luis to find. When the diamonds are being traded in a hostage situation, he finds Niko and Luis representing opposing parties and orders his men to fire. Bulgarin failed again, as Niko and Luis both escaped, and his diamonds were lost for good.

After cooperating with Giovanni Ancelotti (a mob boss and the hostage’s father) about the diamond situation, they agree to try to force Luis to kill Tony. Luis instead kills the Ancelotti associate and Bulgarin’s hit squad. After learning that Tony and Luis survived, Bulgarin decides to leave the city. Before he can do so, Luis takes off in his private jet and kills his guards. Finding himself cornered, Bulgarin pulls out a grenade and threatens to blow up the plane if Luis shoots him. Luis ignores this and shoots Ray after he pulls the pin off the grenade. Luis manages to parachute out of the jet alive, but Bulgarin is ultimately killed when the grenade explodes.

Mr. Bulgarin, one of the few men that Niko fears. His power, his greed, and his insufferable appetite for revenge is what made Niko’s story so fascinating to me. Without Bulgarin, Niko most likely would have never joined the merchant navy. This would’ve changed Nikos behavior from after the war and he may never have dealt with people trying to kill him. I could be wrong about this, however Niko’s trouble mostly stems from Bulgarin’s hostile nature. Dimitri only gave Niko up after finding out he had bad debt or past with Mr. Bulgarin. This of course leading to Dimitri’s betrayal. This story was so good, and honestly one of Rockstars best if I must say.

This model conversion is one of many story characters to come as I wish to port more from the world of GTA IV. Whether they be alive or dead characters, I just want to have the possibility of seeing them live in Los Santos for a change!

I hope you all like this addonped, I will continue to convert more as the weeks progress!

Feel free to use the assets from this mod to give clothes to mp characters or story peds if you like! Any model related thing I upload on this site you can use for your own creations! Just be sure to credit me when making your own stuff, because it’s difficult to convert models into GTA 5. A lot of trial, error, and times was put into it lol.

Known Issues/Bugs
Sometimes the clothing vertices can protrude out a bit. Mostly when holding an assault rifle. I am getting better at fixing stuff like this, however, it is not perfected yet.
Blood UV effects can be a bit weird, but I am still learning about this system in 3ds Max. If anyone has any tips or tricks to fix, then please let me know in the comment section!

Installation Instructions
mods – update – update.rpf – x64 – data – peds.ymt (file)
mods – update – x64 – dlcpacks – mpheist – dlc.rpf – x64 – audio – sfx – dlc_mpheist – avi.awc
mods – x64e.rpf – models – cdimages – componentpeds_ig.rpf –
ig_bulgarin.ydd – ig_bulgarin.yft – ig_bulgarin.ymt – ig_bulgarin.ytd

Spawn the model via this name with the trainer: ig_bulgarin

Addon Ped Helpers
Packfile limit adjuster is used for addonpeds, if your experiencing crashes then please install this and heapadjuster.




EvoMods is the original author of converting the car to GTA 5, also providing some tuning elements. Thank you very much for the permission to modify the car
TRIPLE SIX – converting and also adding tuning directly to the car, adding tuning support for Add-on and FiveM
DFZ, GTA SA, Asseto Corsa – car tuning
IGnoTon – model of Japanese license plate.

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What are GTA 5 Mods?

At its core, GTA 5 is an open-ended game that allows players to roam a vast virtual world, indulging in various activities from heists to leisurely drives. However, for those yearning for more, the magic of mods steps in to fulfill their desires. GTA 5 mods are user-generated content that redefines the game’s experience, providing players with a canvas upon which they can unleash their imaginations.

The Diverse Landscape of GTA 5 Mods

The world of GTA 5 mods is an expansive landscape filled with a myriad of creative offerings. Modders continually contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem, and some of the popular mod categories include:

  1. Graphics Overhauls: Visual enhancements take GTA 5’s already impressive graphics to a whole new level. From realistic lighting and textures to environmental improvements, these mods create breathtaking scenery that pulls players even deeper into the virtual world.
  2. Wild Rides: Vehicle mods are a staple for any GTA 5 player. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike revel in the vast assortment of new vehicles introduced, including real-life cars, futuristic rides, and everything in between.
  3. Gameplay Twists: For players seeking unique challenges, gameplay mods offer a fresh take on the game’s mechanics. Custom missions, interactive NPCs, and dynamic weather systems are just a few examples of the captivating gameplay modifications available.
  4. Immersive Role-Playing: Role-playing (RP) mods transport players into alternate realities, where they can assume various roles and interact with others in a living, breathing world. The RP community thrives on collaboration, fostering engaging experiences within the game’s framework.

The Art of Modding

Behind each mod lies a talented and dedicated modder, often driven purely by their love for the game and their desire to share their creations with the world. Modding is a form of artistry, where skilled individuals use their coding expertise, design prowess, and storytelling finesse to shape the GTA 5 universe.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The impact of GTA 5 mods extends far beyond the virtual realm. The modding community brings together players from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for creativity and innovation. Modders collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in their ventures, resulting in a vibrant and interconnected network of enthusiasts.

The Future of GTA 5 Mods

As GTA 5 continues to captivate players worldwide, the future of mods appears even brighter. With new technologies and tools emerging, modders will have even greater scope for exploration and innovation. The community’s creativity knows no bounds, and players can expect a constant stream of new content that keeps the virtual city of Los Santos alive and thriving.


GTA 5 mods have transformed the gaming experience from a fixed adventure into a dynamic realm of endless possibilities. Modders play an integral role in shaping the game’s future, and their dedication fuels the imagination of players worldwide. As the modding community thrives and evolves, GTA 5 remains a testament to the unbridled creativity and ingenuity that flourishes within the gaming community. With the boundless opportunities afforded by mods, players will continue to be enthralled by the diverse and ever-expanding world of GTA 5 for years to come.

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