OpenIV Download

A Grand Theft Auto IV modding resource utility for storing and installing individual modules.

What is OpenIV?

OpenIV is a strong and comprehensive toolkit that provides aspiring modders with the tools they need to tweak some of Rockstar’s most popular titles. Rockstar Games is one of the most fittingly called game studios in the industry. Every one of their games exudes swagger, and they’ve built a reputation as a studio capable of producing games with a level of depth and quality that is largely unmatched in the industry. While the Grand Theft Auto series, in particular, is such a massive property that each new installment is a major event, almost every game released by Rockstar is jam-packed with hundreds of hours of gameplay.

That isn’t enough for some supporters. A lot of modding programs have arrived on the market that allows you to change everything from the physics to the character models to the player abilities and the global physics. OpenIV is one of the greatest, and it’s the platform to have if you want to delve into the innards of a Rockstar game and create something unique with the tools offered. It enables you to manage and archive Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, and Max Payne 3 game components.


OpenIV can best be described in one word: ambitious. This is a piece of software that was created with the goal of bringing Liberty City, the setting of Grand Theft Auto IV, to the next installment of the series. While a cease-and-desist order was issued, this did not mean that OpenIV was shut down. They’ve continued to improve and develop their tool in order to satisfy the needs of the community while adhering to Rockstar Games’ guidelines. There’s little doubt that the amount of information offered here will overwhelm newcomers. OpenIV was created with the expert modder in mind, but those willing to put in the effort will discover a diverse set of tools at their disposal. It does, however, come with an extensive wiki operated by the community, documentation, and a forum that a creative modder can use to learn the platform’s ins and outs.

The main advantage of OpenIV is how simple it makes modelling within Rockstar’s engine. There are numerous possibilities open to you, whether you want to design unique individuals and vehicles or radically alter the city’s structure. Both IMG and RPF files have an archives manager, and most of the fundamental files used in these games have a built-in view. They also have an audio player and support for importing and exporting popular 3D files from other modelling tools.

It’s a complicated system, but it’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in tinkering with the programming and design of these basic games.


  • One of the most powerful Rockstar game modifying tools available.
  • A platform that is open source and free to use.


  • Rockstar’s terms of service limit what you can do.
  • It might be extremely tough for newbies to grasp.