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Download OpenIV Latest Version Free: OpenIV is a free modding toolset for Grand Theft Auto 5 and other games that allows you to view and alter the game data. Because of restrictions set by Rockstar Games, the game’s publisher, you should only mod GTA5 in offline mode or risk being banned from the game.

This toolkit is a convenient way to keep track of mods for multiple games in one spot. Modding games are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but if you want to explore some GTA5-specific choices, check out GTA5 Prison and Chaos Mod V.

What is OpenIV?

OpenIV is a GTA5 editor and archiver. It’s also compatible with GTA 4, GTA: Liberty City Episodes, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Just because you like Grand Theft Auto 5 already doesn’t mean you can’t improve it with some clever tweaking.

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● GTA5 support:

For the first time since 2015, the OpenIV.ASI plugin has been updated by the creator of this GTA5 mod. This implies that the program now supports a variety of mods that are only available for GTA5’s offline edition.

● Play with original game files:

If you want the pure, original GTA5 experience, you can now play the PC version of the game without any mods. Just make sure the mod’s folder is included in the original game’s files. Simply delete the mods folder if you wish to go back to the original version of the game.

● Additional features include:

The OpenIV GTA mod is a work in progress that is being regularly enhanced. New textures, shading, and reliability fixes are among the most recent updates to the application.

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Q. What is OpenIV used for?

OpenIV is a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto IV and Liberty City Episodes.

Q. Is OpenIV safe to use?

OpenIV is safe to use if you download it from the official website.

Q. Does OpenIV still work?

If you have already downloaded OpenIV, it is still functional. The download URL now redirects to OpenIV’s lead developer’s statement on the shutdown, thus it doesn’t appear to be available on its official site.

Q. Does OpenIV affect FiveM?

FiveM has no connection to OpenIV or its developers’ decision to give up – FiveM will continue to exist for the foreseeable future!

Q. Can you play GTA online with OpenIV?

OpenIV is not available online.

Q. How do you edit OpenIV textures?

Install the most recent version of OpenIV.

Open a file that contains wdt files, such as an IMG or RPF file.

To work in Edit Mode, select Yes.

Right-click on a wtd file and select Edit.

Click Replace in the next window.

Choose a PNG picture with the same resolution as the original bitmap from your computer.

Change levels by clicking on it and typing 1.

At the DOS window, click Save and then Enter.

Close OpenIV after clicking File>Rebuild.

Q. What is the latest version of OpenIV?

 OpenIV 4.0. 1 is the latest version of OpenIV.

Q. How do you mod GTA5 OpenIV?

Simply copy the archive you wish to modify (for example, x64a. rpf) into the “mods” folder and make modifications there. ASI will cause the game to load your archives from the “mods” folder.

Q. How do I install mods with OpenIV?

Users must copy that folder and put it in mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks using OpenIV’s edit mode. Finally, add a line to the update with the name of the mod item.

Q. What is OpenIV ASI?

In some Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games, such as GTA IV and V, an ASI file contains a mod library that can be used to change the gameplay. It keeps track of customized plugins and scripts that the game uses to change the gameplay or add new features.

Q. How do I uninstall GTA 5 OpenIV mods?

After you’ve installed GTA V, launch the GTA V Remove Tool.

Look for any files or directories that you need to manually delete.

To remove all installed mod files and folders, click “Delete all mods.”

Q. How do I install cars in GTA5 OpenIV?

The following apps must be downloaded to begin the process: OpenIV, the mod that must be installed, scripthookV, and enhanced native trainer. Then create a new folder called “mods” in the GTA 5 game files. Copy and paste the “update” folder from the game files into the mods folder.

Q. How do I get OpenIV ASI?

1- Get OpenIV and install it. Configure it to operate with your GTAV installation.

2- Select ASI Manager from the menu “Tools” > “ASI Manager” or from the tool bar’s “ASI Manager” button.

Software that is required:

OpenIV (2.6. 3 or newer)

OpenIV. ASI (1.1 or newer)

GTA V ASI LOADER (build “May 2, 2015” or newer)


Although Rockstar Games does not allow anyone to hack the online version of the game, modding the offline Windows version is still a lot of fun. With the ability to apply mods to a small number of games in addition to GTA5, the OpenIV mod is a very handy multi-purpose editor for improving your gameplay.