How to Install and Use OpenIV for GTA V on PC?

GTA V mods can be written in a variety of scripting languages, making it one of the most straightforward games to modify and script. It’s no surprise that this old classic has hundreds of tweaks.

In GTA V modding sites, OpenIV and OIV-based tweaks are a dime a dozen, making it one of the more popular modifying languages for the action-adventure classic. We’ve also published a guide for loading multiple mod scripts into GTA V for the other supporting mods, so be sure to check it out – GTA V: How to Install Mods on GTA V.

We’ll show you how to install and use OpenIV so you can finally get your hands on some of the best GTA V mods. Let’s get started!

What is GTA V OpenIV:-

Almost every GTA V mod you download will arrive in a ZIP file. These ZIP files contain everything you’ll need to install a certain mod (assuming you have installed all prerequisites already).

OpenIV is a GTA IV and GTA V all-in-one archiver and editor. Most OIV-based mods can be extracted, archived, edited, and installed using the OpenIV program.

Mods based on OpenIV are more convenient to use because you may have OpenIV install the mod directly into GTA V. Other mods, for example, demand you to manually copy and paste particular files into specific directories within the GTA V root folder.

How to Install OpenIV in Grand Theft Auto V:

OpenIV is very easy to set up. Take the following steps:

  • OpenIV is an application that you can download.
  • Select your language in the OVI configuration.
  • Read the Software License Terms and then accept them.
  • Select Install OpenIV on this machine from the drop-down menu.
  • A modest 20MB file may be downloaded by the software. Click OK, and you’re done!

How to Use OpenIV in Grand Theft Auto V:-

Installation instructions will be included in the ZIP file for mods that require OpenIV. So make sure you stick to them in the letter. Open IV is a very simple program to use. This tutorial will show you how to use the OpenIV software in GTA V.

  1. Open the OpenIV app that you just installed:
  2. Select Grand Theft Auto V Windows from the drop-down menu.
  3. Navigate to your GTA V root folder by pressing the Browse button.


The root folder for Epic Games should be located in Local Disk C>>Program Files>>Epic Games>>GTAV.

It should be located under Local Disk C>>STEAM>>steamapps>>common>GTAV for Steam.


  1. OpenIV should be able to function with this file, as indicated by the green text underneath the Grand Theft Auto V location textbox.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. When you’re finished, this window should appear:
  4. Before you do anything further, make sure you select ‘Edit Mode’ from the window’s upper part. Simply click ‘Yes’ in the warning message that appears.
  5. Select ‘Tools’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select ‘Package Installer’ from the drop-down menu.
  7. Navigate to the.OIV file in your unpacked mod folder.
  8. Follow the mod author’s instructions for mod installation from here on out.

GTA V Mods Made Simple:

Modders have had a lot of time to work on GTA V mods because the game has been out for so long. GTA V is extremely popular among modders due to a large number of programming languages available for adding mods to the game.

One of the more sophisticated and streamlined methods of uploading mods to Grand Theft Auto V is OpenIV. One of the simplest GTA V modifying approaches we’ve utilized is the installer-based approach.

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to install and use OpenIV for GTA V on a PC. Visit the PlayerAssist website for additional GTA V stuff, where you’ll find excellent gaming content!

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