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GTA 5 recently turned 10 years old, but there are still players who are just now trying out its realistic worlds and exploring its fairly extensive storyline and online world.

Of course, it will be better if you go through the storyline before going online, because many characters are intertwined and complemented in it, but due to the fact that you will play as your own hero, you will get the opportunity to see the whole concept from the outside and feel in a different role interacting with the three main characters and key characters.

Next, you can learn better about the mechanics of robberies, which will be key and will receive the most interesting variations online and will bring you GTA 5 money.



You will choose the appearance of your hero, and you will do this in an unusual way using genetics.

You will choose two adults – a man and a woman, your potential parents, and based on them, you will see the final character.

Other than the visual component, the choice does not affect any type of content, so simply choose based on your personal aesthetics.

At the start of the game, you need to worry about gaining levels, because they open access to new content and getting money in GTA Online, and some investments you will make to increase financial growth, and not personal enrichment.



You can and should buy an office to open up access to the main sources of income – warehouses with cargo and cars, which will first need to be purchased.

A cargo warehouse will give you the opportunity to carry out rearrangements and accumulate special cargo on it, so that at any time convenient for you, you can sell them to a client and earn money, but for this you need to complete one of the random tasks to deliver this shipment of cargo.

You will have a choice at what stage of fullness to transfer the goods, and there are two nuances here:

If you choose a minimum warehouse load, then you will receive less GTA V money for the same effort as for a full warehouse.

If you select that the warehouse is completely full, you may be given three trucks at once that will need to be delivered, and the difficulty is that there will be other players on the server who can simply find them and destroy them while they are standing in the dispatch zone, or you simply won’t have enough time to complete the order.

On the other hand, cargo does not take so long to get, and you can even buy it for further resale, so do not be afraid to take risks, because it is important for you to save up for a warehouse for storing cars and then financial problems will be solved.

When you buy a warehouse for storing vehicles, you will be able to receive tasks to steal vehicles of varying value for subsequent sale.

If you are not playing alone, you can even accumulate them into a collection, but in order to transfer them to the buyer you will need the help of friends, or adequate random players who will not destroy them.

It is best to immediately take on tasks to steal luxury vehicles, because you can get 100 thousand dollars from their sale.

The most unpleasant task will be stealing a car from a barge, because it will require dexterity and good personal skills of the pilot, because you will need to pick up the car with a large magnet in a helicopter, but due to the fact that there will be security on the boat, if you do not do this quickly, then they will simply shoot down your helicopter.

You can reset the task and perform another one.

When the transport is delivered, you can sell it through the computer, but before that it is advisable to acquire a sniper rifle and a silencer for it in the nearest ammunition.

This is necessary in order to deliver your transport easier, faster and safer.

The fact is that on the delivery route, bandits will wait for you twice, which you will be warned about by a mini map with red marks on them. Of course, you can slip past, but some of the bullets, pursuit and the chance of an accident while avoiding them can greatly reduce your final earnings.

You should simply stop when you notice the marker, having first pulled over to the side of the road so that the sounds of gunfire do not frighten other drivers and in the chaos they do not hit your car.

After shooting the enemies, just calmly continue moving. By doing this twice, you will safely deliver the car intact and receive the full amount of GTA V money, unless of course you crash anywhere.


You can join game sessions to rob other players – they will be highlighted in green, or organize them yourself. You can also check websites that offer GTA boosting services.

The advantage of independent robberies is that you yourself recruit a team and set the share of each of the participants, but the disadvantage is that each organizer pays the costs himself and must have in his possession the necessary object for preparation – this could be a penthouse, a house outside the city, a bunker, an office and even a submarine and headquarters.

For each robbery you complete for the first time, you will receive an additional 100 thousand dollars.

As in single player, you will go through several stages of preparing and obtaining the necessary equipment before you go for the main loot.

This could be obtaining transport, negotiations, delivery of the necessary equipment and other important parts of your plan.

Each player will choose their role and stick to it, so it is advisable to select players based on their strengths, such as a pilot or a cover shooter.

It is the robberies that will bring the most cheap money in GTA 5 and you can always go through them again and so on until your finances accumulate until you buy a new property.

It’s ideal if you have three friends for stable gameplay, but you can also play with random gamers – the game saves progress between each mission, so even if you make mistakes, you can go through it again.

What are GTA 5 Mods?

At its core, GTA 5 is an open-ended game that allows players to roam a vast virtual world, indulging in various activities from heists to leisurely drives. However, for those yearning for more, the magic of mods steps in to fulfill their desires. GTA 5 mods are user-generated content that redefines the game’s experience, providing players with a canvas upon which they can unleash their imaginations.

The Diverse Landscape of GTA 5 Mods

The world of GTA 5 mods is an expansive landscape filled with a myriad of creative offerings. Modders continually contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem, and some of the popular mod categories include:

  1. Graphics Overhauls: Visual enhancements take GTA 5’s already impressive graphics to a whole new level. From realistic lighting and textures to environmental improvements, these mods create breathtaking scenery that pulls players even deeper into the virtual world.
  2. Wild Rides: Vehicle mods are a staple for any GTA 5 player. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike revel in the vast assortment of new vehicles introduced, including real-life cars, futuristic rides, and everything in between.
  3. Gameplay Twists: For players seeking unique challenges, gameplay mods offer a fresh take on the game’s mechanics. Custom missions, interactive NPCs, and dynamic weather systems are just a few examples of the captivating gameplay modifications available.
  4. Immersive Role-Playing: Role-playing (RP) mods transport players into alternate realities, where they can assume various roles and interact with others in a living, breathing world. The RP community thrives on collaboration, fostering engaging experiences within the game’s framework.

The Art of Modding

Behind each mod lies a talented and dedicated modder, often driven purely by their love for the game and their desire to share their creations with the world. Modding is a form of artistry, where skilled individuals use their coding expertise, design prowess, and storytelling finesse to shape the GTA 5 universe.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The impact of GTA 5 mods extends far beyond the virtual realm. The modding community brings together players from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for creativity and innovation. Modders collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in their ventures, resulting in a vibrant and interconnected network of enthusiasts.

The Future of GTA 5 Mods

As GTA 5 continues to captivate players worldwide, the future of mods appears even brighter. With new technologies and tools emerging, modders will have even greater scope for exploration and innovation. The community’s creativity knows no bounds, and players can expect a constant stream of new content that keeps the virtual city of Los Santos alive and thriving.


GTA 5 mods have transformed the gaming experience from a fixed adventure into a dynamic realm of endless possibilities. Modders play an integral role in shaping the game’s future, and their dedication fuels the imagination of players worldwide. As the modding community thrives and evolves, GTA 5 remains a testament to the unbridled creativity and ingenuity that flourishes within the gaming community. With the boundless opportunities afforded by mods, players will continue to be enthralled by the diverse and ever-expanding world of GTA 5 for years to come.

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