Download Los Santos RED V1.00205

Los Santos RED Alpha 0.1

> Keeps the action going in the world of Grand Theft Auto

> Installation
– Place all RAGE Plugin Hook files in the root GTA V directory
– Place all RAGENativeUI files in the root GTA V directory
– Download the latest release and drag into the Plugins folder in the root GTA V directory

– Alternate RPH Downloads
LCPDFR Mod (do not install the lcpdfr folder or the content from the plugins folder)

> Features
– Enhanced Free Roam Mode
– Dispatch
– Dynamic difficulty
– Script based
– Create custom agencies
– Set their patrolling and responding areas
– Set their weapons and vehicles
– Set the max threat they respond to
– Redone police scanner audio

– Busted/Wasted Choose Your Start
– Added “undie” after death to call a mulligan and continue the chase
– Added bribing of police
– Added surrendering to police
– Added ability to chose jail/hospital to respawn at

– Tasking
– Police and civilians are more reactive
– Police react more realistically to escalation
– Civilians react with fight or flight response instead of ignoring you
– Added ability to be busted at greater than 1 star
– Cops will now give foot chase and use tazers

– Crimes
– Added/Tweaked vanilla crimes
– Added other common crimes
– Added traffic offenses
– Felony speeding, reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc.
– Fully configurable
– Set who can report, wanted level gained, etc.

– Investigations
– Police will respond and investigate areas called in by civilians
– The more serious the crime the faster the response

– Interactions
– Added Talking with any NPC in the world
– Ability to react positively and negatively, RDR2 style
– Different Civilian/Police groups react differently to antagonism
– Added mugging civilians to get extra spending money

– Activities
– Drinking and Smoking are now possible without being stuck in one place
– Drinking/Drugs will cause intoxication, with similar effects to vanilla
– Police and Civilians are aware of you being too intoxicated
– Ability to steal and replace license plates on cars
– Ability to surrender or commit suicide to quick end a chase
– Cigarettes are hazardous to your health

– Redone Carjacking
– Carjacking can be done with any weapon now
– Ability to quickly execute the target when doing an armed carjacking
– Redone Car Lock-Picking
– Most cars are now locked and require picking to enter along with hotwiring to start
– Traditional smash-and-grab is still available however cops are now on the lookout for suspicious vehicles (broken windows, smashed headlights, etc.)

– Ped Swapping
– Become any ped you come across on the street
– Auto generated name, criminal record, vehicle, and weapon

– Vehicle Features
– Button press indicators
– Button press ignition
– Disabled auto vehicle start
– Auto window roll down when doing a drive-by

– Fully Adjustable Settings
– Configure almost any setting with the XML files

– Plus lots more

> Default Controls
F10 – Main Menu
F11 – Debug Menu (disabled)
E – Surrender
G – Drop Weapon and Ammo
Shift & E (In Car) – Right Blinker
Shift & Q (In Car) – Left Blinker
Shift & Space (In Car) – Hazards
Shift & X (In Car) – Toggle Engine
Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Press, w/ Weapon) – Carjack With Weapon
Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Hold) – Regular Carjack
Vehicle Enter (Empty, Press) – Lockpick
Vehicle Enter (Empty, Hold) – Smash Window
(others should have prompts)

> Compatibility
– Incompatible with
– Any Police Script Mod
– Any Wanted Level Changing Mod
– Story Mode (Most Likely)
– Can you make it work with XXX No.
– Do not save and turn off autosave
– Restart the game without the mod active before saving (does some memory editing)

> Discord

> Issues
– This is an alpha, expect crashes/low performance
– Peds and Cops may react unexpectedly, AI programming is hard
– Some settings are not implemented/ do not exist
– Turning off some settings may cause other unexpected issues, mostly tested with everything ON

– Version 1.00205 Hotfix
Fixed Death Menu/Respawn controller after globals change.
Fixed some interiors being unloaded on teleport.
Fixed Saving/Swapping inside a teleport interior.
Added some new residences with interiors.
Updated Gang/Police vehicles.
Updated the shops to include some of the new items.
Updated Full Modern Traffic to include some of the new DLC cars to traffic (see AlternateConfigs\FullModernTraffic to install/update).

– Version 1.00199
Interiors. Interact with locations in a new way. Teleport and Regular Supported. Most apartments should now have teleport interiors. Some other interiors were added.
Group Updates. Recruit vanilla/ambient peds. More control over tasking, and can force any task or being armed/unarmed. Can recruit more members now.
FEJ had a large update on the skins, use the updater if you use the config.
Hailing Cabs. Use action wheel to hail or dismiss cabs.
Weapon Stash/Inventory/Cash added physical item when transferring.
Body Loading. Changed default attachments. Added ability to add custom offsets.
Outfits/Ped Customizer. Updated to support by model or character.
Debug Menu added several new sections.
Reorganized the settings menu again.
Added ped loading settings.
Bank Drawer theft updates.
Body loading suspicious vehicle updates.
Added window controls to the action wheel.
Investigation UI updated to be more clear.
Added more vehicle descriptions.
Updated Menus to allow only certain items being free.
Updated dead body alerts to be more reliable.
Updated police heli tasking.
Updated police vehicle search to be more reliable.
Added kick up stats to the gang den.
Updated residences to enter once purchased or rented.
Updated machine interactions and creation.
Updated pending texts to be cleared when you change characters.
Added some bodily functions to go with the interior interacts.
Moved around the Pop Up Menu.
Updated some spawn police spawn parameters.
Updated PlateTypes config (Add On and Default)
Plus other fixes and tweaks.

– Version 1.00136 – Small Update/Fix
Added parameters to the gang and officer friendly jobs
Added cop hit task to the gangs and officer friendly
Added setting to disable vanilla taxi spawns (enabled by default)
Added option to disable the entry cam to a location
Updated ped in vehicle spawning to stop some tasking edge cases
Updated roadblock despawning requirements
Updated Account Value included in Save Game
Updated Motorcycle/Bike Rollover logic
Updated/Fixed Helicopters, should be more reliable and harder to shake now
Fixed APB/BOLO being removed when you have alerted cops but havent gotten wanted
Fixed a taxi tasking crash
Fixed bank teller doors only opening if you activate it from close range (Teleport in)
Fixed NoCamEntry focus area
Fixed ped voice not being updated in the ped creator unless you changed the model or set a new player.
Fixed crouch/door close hotkey (Swap the modifier and action key in the setting or let it regen the settings file)
Fixed Residence rental and blip crashes
Fixed Active Save Game highlighting
Fixed Action Wheel selection when in a heli/aircraft
Fixed vehicle control animations for bikes and cycles (and added option to enitrely disable)
Fixed setting controls to None causing them to trigger

– Version 1.00132

Taxi System: Calling, Dispatching, Riding. Still has some AI weirdness (these are GTA peds after all)
Full Expanded Jurisdiction got an update and includes several new taxis along with some tweaks. Use the updater if you use this config.
USMS. US Marshals can now respond if you have an APB/BOLO and are within the search area.
Officer friendly will now warn of USMS dispatches (if he is a contact)
Burner Phone Keypad number Input
Robbing Registers
Robbing Bank Drawers
Vehicle is now searched when you Consent to Search
Den icons and territory highlighting
Bong Item
Rolling Papers Item
Meth/Crack Pipe Item
New Drink Items
Bank Accounts
Store/Gang Banners
2008 Config has been readded.
Settings Menu default value
Store Cash in residences.
Wanted stars flashing.
Additional ambient gang/cop spawns.
Update check timeout.
Vehicle control animations
Locking Car doors
Changing taxi pickup location
Random money in cars


Gas pumps will now show all nearby cars instead of just the closest.
Service Ped Spawning.
Location Door and Ped Spawning when closed
Inventory Access Increment.
Contact logic and storage.
Icons for all locations.
Compatibility with other wanted level setting items.
Rebalanced default settings.
Rebalanced prices.
Store Menus
Busted Menu
Bribe Logic
Respawn Menu
Settings Menu
Increased default police sight distance
Treatment options to shopmenus.xml
Eating/Drinking/Pill/Health Pack activities can be used during dynamic movements
Store descriptions will include side effects
Action wheel will now display the full item description
Gangs can now set if members get free weapons or vehicles.
Flee logic, some peds will cower until you move away, others will always flee
Transactions that can only be done with cash on hand will show specific warnings.
Transaction preview to toggle rotating the item.
Gang member tasking logic.
Moved the icons into their own folders.
Spawn distances.
Added some more locations to the Liberty City config (credit box from discord)
Impounded cars will now have their doors closed and engine off when parked.
Accounts will be shown individually when the action wheel is visible


Vending/Gas pump movements
Nightstick cop logic
Scanner crashed/fire not playing
Cellphone text delay
Calling from messages causing duplicate calls
Hospital stays not advancing time
Dispatching location logic
Hotkeys being double pressed
Cellphone keypad numbers being offset.
Police responding to off-road locations.
Fixed some issues with teller doors.
Fixed some gang blips being added after each load.
Some taxi service fixes and updates.
Crashing on Search/Impounding
Some other small issues
Plus lots more.

Version 1.00085
Added a door and window toggle to the vehicle interaction menu
Updated some default settings
Added some error handling
Updated body disposal task
Added some new gang spawn locations from Peter Badoingy

– Version 1.00084 – Hotfix
Fixed saving and loading an impounded vehicle
Fixed some issues with vehicle exporter interaction
Updated some contact menus to flow better
Fixed location addresses not showing properly
Fixed some errors in the LC config

– Version 1.0083
Vehicle Exporters. Export hot cars for a price.
Vehicle Exporter Contact. Ask about cars for export or do some tasks.
Pay ‘N’ Sprays. Fix and/or respray cars when wanted.
Forgers. Buy and sell clean and hot plates. Can also get some custom plates.
Burying bodies. Get a shovel and find a rural grassy/muddy area. Make sure no one is around to report you.
Bulk Buying. Bulk buy drugs for a discount at the various gang dens if you are friendly/member.
Street Name aliasing. Added a display name to the Streets.xml for compatibility with “real life” sub mods.
Auto Updating of Settings.xml, SaveGames.xml and Outfits.xml. Use your existing files with the new version (do not overwrite with the incoming defaults)

Screwdriver item will now show a prompt when out to pick a lock or remove a plate.
Tapping vehicle enter with a screwdriver out will now use that specific screwdriver model from your inventory.
Removing or adding plates now requires a screwdriver by default.
Changed the plate removal animation position for some cars.
Witness Elimination task will now show a picture of the target in the text and will by default be blipped.
Underground Guns tasks will now highlight the any required locations during the task.
Updated some default settings and menu items. Updated the “easy” preset.
Action wheel inventory will now show consumable stats (hunger, thirst, sleep, hp gained/lost).
Dragging bodies animation logic.
Loading bodies animations and attachments. Should be more reliable.
Ped Creator model select had some ui items rearranged along with a quick list of most used models.
Liberty City config has been updated with the locations and location types.
Gang AI logic to be a bit less hostile unless in home turf.
Scanner now shows a sonar view of police vehicles when you have it active or are in a vehicle.
Scrap Yard, Exporter, and Crusher now require you to have entered the vehicle before proceeding.
Full Expanded Jurisdiction config has been updated to include a new vehicle and other changes. Update with the oiv.

Fixed cars plates not being set as wanted properly.
Money getting desynced.
Vehicle blips not being deleted fully.
Stolen vehicle violation not properly triggering.
Interaction prompts lagging behind player.
Car Crusher/Scrapper not finding all vehicles.
Car Crusher not checking account balance before crushing.
Some save issues when playing as a agency ped.
Vehicles being reimpounded after reloading a save game. Vehicles are considered not impounded when you enter them.
Vehicle save items not applying properly.
Setting default variations before applying an outfit.
Plus lots more.

– Version 1.00059 – Hot Fix
Fixed the update checker.
Added the new dlc smg to the stores.
Updated the body disposal task spawning.
Fixed some unhandled errors.
Fixed stored vehicle preview cameras not being used.
Updated civilians to not react to resisting arrest crimes.
Some other general fixes/improvements.

– Version 1.00055
Stealth Logic. Police now need to report and radio in crimes. Eliminating cops before they radio in will not give you a wanted level. Civilians can be stopped from calling in after seeing crimes if they are unable to (ragdoll, unconscious, dead, etc.). Gang members will need to report infractions to their gang before your rep is decreased, so leaving witnesses is discouraged.
Officer MIA Calls. If a cop has not called in for a while, there is a chance dispatch will send a unit to investigate.
Expanded Cop Reactions. Cops will investigate gunshots (player and world), dead bodies, and unconscious peds.
Impounding Vehicles. When arrested, owned vehicles will be impounded. Either pay the fees, or break in a steal it back. Davis Sheriff Station is currently the only impound lot.
Restricted Areas. Impound lots are now restricted and will result in police being dispatched.
Security Cameras. Restricted areas can now have security cameras to alert units when you are trespassing. Damage them to disable.
Service Peds Takeover. First version of allowing service peds for takeover/assigning agency. Each type has benefits and drawbacks. Most have very basic implementation for now.
Gang Hit Squads. Enemy gangs can now send specific hit squads to your location. Be on the lookout if you have enemies.
Body Armor and Health Kit Items. Some new ways to heal and or get armor.
Police Station Interaction. Settle up with the cops as a regular ped, or checkout equipment as a cop.
Gang Joining. Prove your worth to get an invite to the gang.
Gang Tasks. Impound Theft: Steal a gang vehicle out of impound. Vehicle Disposal: Get rid of a hot vehicle with a body in it.
Firefighter Dispatching. Can now call the fire agencies and they have idle and firefighting logic. First implementation.

Crime Detection. Updated to better allow stealth playthroughs.
Human Shield. Updated to smooth out animations and logic.
Loading Bodies. Still has some issues where bodies will not attach properly.
Location Camera. Added a transition to the vehicle preview location.
Consuming Items. Changed how the animations play when eating and drinking.
Item Balancing. Added lots of new meal items and increased the need gains on most items.
Gang/Agency Dispatching. Can now see more varied foot and or vehicle spawns.
EMS Treatment. Dispatching and treatment.
Location Dispatching. Now allows helicopters and boats.
Controller Actions. Changed how the action wheel is displayed and used on controller, disabled some conflicting controls when active.
Burner Phone. Changed the calling app flow to work better with vanilla controls.

– Version 0.998

Vehicle and Residence Weapon/Item Inventory. Store Items and Weapons in any vehicle or residence.
Finding Random Items. Find random items and weapons in vehicles around LS. Who know what you’ll find.
Border Patrol Checkpoints, Speed Traps, Snipers, and more. Added some conditional Police spawns around LS to keep you on your toes.
Tattoos. Apply and save tattoos on the free mode characters.
Outfits. Save multiple outfits for each ped model. Change at any residence or using the debug menu.
Zone Based Ambient Spawning. Rural areas should see less ambient spawning and downtown should have more ambient gangs, police, and EMS driving around.
Police K9 Dispatching/Logic. K9 Officers can now be deployed to suitable vehicles. They have logic similar to cops, but can move much faster on foot. WIP.
Body Loading. Load and unload bodies into vehicles including the trunk. WIP.
Opening Doors with Animation. Open and close any vehicle door including the trunk and hood with an animation.
Vehicle Action Menu. More common vehicle related items have been moved here along with some new items added.
Task Requirement flags to Spawned Peds. Control how peds behave conditionally based on spawn position and type.
FEJ Vehicles and Config Changes. Added the NOoSE SEP, PiA, and BP units along with some other updates and additions. Be sure to use the updater/installer if you use this config.
New Locations. Some new stores and residences have been added.


Police Locate and Search Logic. Police can now search your last seen area on foot in an attempt to find you. They will also be more careful when investigating in vehicle.
All Ped Idle Logic. All peds should now act at little more realistically when in an idle state.
Ped Creator. Fixed up some items and made some ease of use fixes.
Police Spawns. Should better scale between wanted levels.
Dispatchable People/Vehicle settings and options. More config flags and items can be set for each spawned person and vehicle.
Ped Type Mixing at location spawns. Can mix agency types at any location.
Breaching Logic expansion. You can now lose the cops during a breach.
Changed how ambient gang, police, and EMS spawning works.
Updated Security AI and tasking to better work with police.
Updated how ambient vehicles are locked and added some settings.


Peds getting cleaned up after entering/exiting your car.
Criminal History not including instances.
Locations not activating properly.
Location blips being created multiple times.
Cops not being cleaned up properly after death.
Blips not being detached after death.
Some random crashes and tasking issues.
Plus lots more.

– Version 0.992
Consent to Search. Can consent to search if the cops are responding to a citizen report. Clean search and you get off. They might not always find everything.
Wanted Level Max increased to 10 Stars. Can use up to 10 wanted levels to set your config how you want. Increase the granularity of the wanted level or add more response, the choice is yours.
Wanted Level Custom UI. New custom wanted level stars used to show greater than 6 stars.
Investigation Mode Custom UI. New investigation question marks show the severity of response.
Drug Areas by Zone. Certain areas will now favor a specific type or drug with the customers and dealers.
Advanced Conversations. Can now ask certain peds where to find items, dealers, customers, or gangs. Not all peds know.
Customized Conversations Responses. Can now pick the exact speech you want to say during conversations.
Customized Burner Phone. The burner phone can now be customized from the style, os, theme, sounds, etc. Taking over peds will grant a randomized phone now.
Security Agencies and AI. Security agencies are now patrolling sensitive areas around LS. They can ruin your day, be on your best behavior around them. WIP.
Full Expanded Jurisdiction Expansion. The FEJ config now includes updated liveries, new liveries (NYSP, LCPD, GRP6, MERRYWEATHER, SECUROSERV, and BOBCAT) and new vehicles (Police Bike, Police Merit, Security Civilian Torrence)
Task Flags. Control how patrolling and guarding peds react after being spawned.
Burner Phone shortcut to the main Action Wheel display.
License Plate preview text setting added to dealerships.
Extra Settings and Options. Added a handful of new settings to toggle.

Changed how abandoned police vehicles are handled at higher wanted levels.
Increased the shootrate for mounted weapons.
Investigation expire criteria to not last as long when cops have arrived on scene.
Transaction is now integrated into conversation.
Interact prompt will show now show if the ped wants buy any items you have in your inventory.
3D Era Markers for Vendors and Dynamic Locations should perform better and be more accurate.
Action Wheel selection should now work when using a non-fullscreen resolutions.
Changed out some of the gang items in the default config.
Replaced gang contacts with more generic ones.
Gas max amount set to 65 instead of 100 to better match vanilla.
Gestures can now be set to loop, or set to run on the entire body.
Police chase and locate tasking had some updates to increase their ability.
Removed 2008 config until It can get some atention again.
Car lockpick entry logic.
Ped reactions and fleeing logic.

Vehicle extras being applied to saved vehicles.
Dealer and customer peds not saving desired amounts correctly.
GangScenario blocking running excessively and hurting performance.
Police Spawn Distance increasing on increased wanted level instead of decreasing the spawn distance.
Speed limit display color during night time.
Fixed the tank getting assigned too many peds and breaking pathing.
Ingesting pills not checking if the animation has stopped.
Location vehicle spawning when setting a required group.
Insulting peds not reacting.
Some EUP/FEJ config fixes.
No longer Requiring a lockpick to enter a turret seat.
Crash on entering some locations.
Plus lots more.

– Version 0.975 Hotfix
Fixed game freezing after using certain drug items
Fixed inventory items not being removed after use
Fixed loading items not always setting the correct amount

– Version 0.974
Some crash fixes and tweaks

– Version 0.973
Controller Support. The action wheel can be accessed by the Back/Select button by default (configureable). Shortcuts to the Main and Debug menus have been added to the action wheel. Button prompts also show up and can be used from the action wheel.
Ped Creator. Create your own custom ped and persona. Customize demographic data (name, money, affiliation, voice, etc.) along with their physical appearance (model, headband, face features, overlays, components, props, etc.). Similar Ui to the GTAO character creator with lots more options. Allows searching for and choosing any piece of clothing. MP character required for all features, but vanilla characters and regular peds are also supported.
Airports. LSIA, Sandy Shores Airfield, and Ludendorff Regional now have flights to and from. If you have your own plane, you can charter a flight yourself or fill up with fuel. Add other flights to the xml to allow third party airports.
Car Crusher. Get rid of a car with no questions asked. Might come in handy in the future…
Airplane/Heli Dealer. Purchase some of the air vehicles. Purchased items are delivered to LSIA.
Boat/Jetski Dealer. Purchase a selection of watercraft. Purchased items are delivered to your slip in Vespucci.
Interaction Prompts. All locations now have an interaction prompt (will display when/if you can interact).
Painkiller items. Quickly gain health max Payne style.
Full Expanded Jurisdiction Config is now a dlc pack, and is fully replace (police5 is now sheriff, update the files and xmls if you use it).
New DLC guns to the shops. Purchase and use some of the new guns added in the last couple updates.
Group Orders. Order a group member to escort you with their own vehicle instead of constantly getting in your ride. More “Orders” to come.
Hospital interaction. Get treated by the best medical student LS has to offer. Hold onto your wallet!
Voice is now selectable per player and will be saved. Freemode peds without assigned voices will use the default from settings.
Debug menu got some new settings and submenus.

Transaction logic has been updated to hopefully flow a little better, categories may change in the future.
Unavailable locations will now tell you the reason upon prompt (closed, you are wanted, etc.) .
Transaction menu now has categories for each item.
Dealerships now support choosing liveries (if vehicle has it).
Dealership paint picker is easier to use and better matches vanilla.
Cops should now use all police vehicles during a chase instead of just assigned.
Increased drug dealer/customer percentage.
Increased variety of drug dealer menus.
Decreased the police call percentage for most locations.
Pawn shops should now buy most items (not the best deal).
Search mode and BOLOs are no longer created after 1 star chases.
Surrender is now toggle instead of hold (for better controller support).
Decreased search time in the default config.
Added some new detective peds and emts to the default config.
Eating should now take slower bites.
Drinking and eating should be able to restart animations after a small interrupt.
Freemode cops and gang members can now spawn with different facial hair and makeup combinations.
Police bribe amounts have been increased, with an option to show the required minimum bribe.
Crime prompts should now show up less frequently (can be turned off completely in the settings).
Mini map should no longer show when shopping inside a store.
Task help pop ups are now toggleable.

Customers and dealers having 0 items to sell/buy before interacting.
Loading a game with active dead drops causing a crash.
Bikes being able to trigger traffic violations.
Player being reported for traffic violations when in a police vehicle.
License plate change point being inside the car.
Transaction pop up showing multiple times after purchase
Config errors with some of the alternate configs.
Crash handling causing a cascade.
Peds being aliased after loading a save game regardless of the model (aliasing Trevor as Michael, etc.).
Leftover items being left in some of the xml files.
Overwriting a save game being added to the end of the save list instead of in the overwritten spot.
Speedlimit UI color issue.
Plus lots more

– Version 0.948

Added customization of Peds with a full UI. You can now create a ped from scratch and choose: name, money, model, props, and components (headblend and overlays also available for the freemode peds)
Added NAudio dependency. Allows actual volume control and some added filtering. Concurrently playing audio is now also supported.
Added player voice. Player character will comment on things happening in the game world (getting wanted shooting, stealing items, etc.). Works on MP and ambient pads.
Added burner phone ringtones. Included many different historical GTA ringtones for you to choose. Use any .wav or .mp3 by adding to the audio folder.
Added setting to show ALL blips on the map and enabled this by default. Robbery locations will now be highlighted in blue and show up at all times.
Added crime warnings for some of the lower level offenses so people know what they might get wanted for. Enabling/Timing is configureable.
Added a simple alternative config that tries to replicate vanilla as closely as possible (no mp char cops, no non-vanilla gangs, no lspd divisions, etc.)
Added sporting goods store in Vespucci beach. It sells some of the new items.
Added binocular items. Can be used to zoom in and get a good look at far away things. High end models include FLIR and Night Vision. (Control prompts are hidden by scaleform. Press Mousewheel to Zoom and Attack To change image modes.
Added flashlight items. Can be used to light up dark areas. Different lights have different brightness, throw, width, etc. Added ability to search using some of the NPC animations.
Added small flashlight to the burner phone using the flashlight app.
Added umbrella items. Will keep you out of the rain.
Added ability to take out the screwdrivers and use as melee. (Screwdriver is required to hot-wire or lock pick on hard mode only).
Added scanner radio Items. Will allow you to hear the police scanner (hard mode only). Available at the underground gunships or sporting goods stores.
Added shovel Items. Can use as melee. Tool use to be implemented.
Added drill items. Can use as melee. Tool use to be implemented.
Added pliers items. Can use as melee. Tool use to be implemented.
Added ability to pause multiple activities and resume them independently.
Added ability to pause scanner item activity (can also pause smoking activity)
Added some new POI around the map.
Added the crimes list to the settings menu. Should be easier to change some of the crime logic.
Added 3D era entrance highlights option to all enterable locations (disabled by default)
Added enterable teleport locations (LS Coroner for now, more to come)
Added settings to kill the blip_controller and shop_controller vanilla scripts (helpful if you know what you are doing otherwise don’t mess with them)
Added a lot of general performance settings. Change at your own risk.

Updated roadblocks to better pick which nodes to use.
Updated roadblocks to dynamically scale better They should better fit the roads they are on.
Updated license plate storage. Added actions to the action wheel and updated license plates to act as items in inventory. Plates are added to ModItems.xml when saved.
Updated hostage taking animations and logic.
Updated how inventory items are stored and handled.
Updated the Save/Load menu to better match vanilla.
Updated cop idle AI to allow some more dynamic behavior.
Updated AI seat choice logic and tracking. Cops should wait for people to enter before speeding off and gang members can now enter spawned cars.
Updated general mod logic. Should hopefully increase performance.

Fixed Easy/Hard/Perferred setting buttons not updating the menu front end with the current values.
Fixed saving customized/modded vehicles. Should save most/all modifications upon save/load. Damage is not included.
Fixed burner phone taking too long to receive messages on “Real-Time” mode.
Fixed the needs scale settings not being connected to the actual logic.
Fixed (mostly) first person sway and recoil (still disabled by default). Vehicle sway and recoil still needs work.
Fixed tons of other small issues

Version 0.363

Added customization of Peds with a full UI. You can now create a ped from scratch and choose: name, money, model, props, and components (headblend and overlays also available for the freemode peds)
Added purchasing of vehicles (Vapid Dealer, Gallavanter-Benefactor Dealer, Helmut’s Euro, Sanders Motorcycles, Luxury Autos, Premium Deluxe, and more)
Added sixth star wanted level and changed up dispatching levels.
Added gesturing actions. (Wave, Nod, Flip Off, etc.)
Added ped reactions to insulting gestures (On-Foot and in vehicle)
Added saving of player vehicle (more to come)
Added manual closing of a door while driving (Default: LControl)
Added option to sit on most seats around LS. Can also sit anywhere on command. Can use inventory items while seated (more to come).
Added ability to use inventory items while in a car.
Added tool requirement to some consumable items (smokables need a lighter, etc.)
Added optional screwdriver requirement for lockpick and hotwiring (default disabled)
Added more variety to issued weapons including SMGs and LMGs
Added sprinting (default Z when running) with a UI (below health) to give you a slight speed boost when trying to outrun cops (configurable)
Added forced first person when ducking in vehicles. Forces a switch to first person when ducking in a vehicle to try and simulate the lack of vision you would have. Can be disabled.
Added Ventura and Majestic County Sheriffs and Locations
Added voice settings to the freemode ped characters so they can interact with civilians
Added more scanner status audio clips (vehicle crashed, current speed, etc.)
Added expanded intoxication system. Can be intoxicated by multiple things, each item can give different effects (configurable)
Added selling items to peds and stores
Added illicit items being flagged during transactions (drugs for now, weapons and people coming soon)
Added random drug dealers around Los Santos (try interacting with gang members)
Added some pharmacy store menus to allow purchasing of the new pill items.
Added ingest activity to handle taking pills/medications (more to come)
Added owned vehicle blip when on foot
Added store entrance and exit cams
Added optional modifiers to most key settings (Use NONE to ignore a modifier)
Added more random crimes peds can commit public intoxication, attempting suicide, harassment (will be expanded with lots more to come)
Added a few more store banners
Updated scanner priority logic
Updated cops so they will fire back only when fired upon or injured/killed
Updated Lethal Force and Weapons Free to be more consistent, both announcing and cops reaction
Updated cops to allow them to keep their weapons out when busted
Updated roadblocks to include more barricades
Updated store menus and added a few new items
Updated NOOSE and FIB HRT team spawns
Updated all police weapons and attachments
Updated locations to add many more (still lots more to come)
Updated scanner to use In for areas instead of Near
Updated menus to match a bit better in a few places (still lots more to come)
Updated to not use the “real” wanted level system. Allows more ambient interactions during a chase (gangbangers will fight cops)
Updated cop logic during chases (on foot and in vehicle) to react a bit better.
Updated default settings to better match reality.
Updated locations to use a grid system to detect when near
Updated store and inventory descriptions with more item facts
Fixed peds getting too many driving stolen vehicle charges
Fixed some general performance sinks
Fixed ghost cops from having weapons (removed)
Fixed civilian tasking and updating being extremely delayed
Fixed intoxication not stacking and interaction between non-intoxicating and intoxicating items
Fixed locations not correctly updating distances
Fixed removing player owned vehicles
Fixed cleanup and blips for cops
Fixed attachments not always being set
Fixed incorrect issued weapons for the heli crews
Fixed scanner items from playing after you have respawned
Fixed cops always shuffling between weapons when getting out of cars
And lots more.

Version 0.27

Added shops, restaurants, drive thrus, food vendors, liquor stores, hotels, etc. to the game world inspired by previous GTAs. Each shop has a menu and opening hours. You can buy food, drinks, smokables, tools, a place to stay, etc. Locations, menus, etc. are all configurable in the xmls. Menus, Locations, and Props are WIP, more will be added and existing items updated.
Added inventory system to handle food, cigarettes, tools, and drugs. (more to come)
Added interior name to the location information (if available)
Added ability to takeover police. Can let the AI patrol for you or takeover (alpha – just for fun don’t expect much more, may have issues)
Added ability for peds to call police without panicking for mundane crimes
Added insulting officer and harassment crimes
Added drug dealing crime
Added max wanted level setting
Added option to show secondary jurisdiction in the UI
Added fading of the UI after no changes (enabled/timeouts/etc. configurable)
Added the option to add time to the player display in the options
Added auto dimming of the UI at night.
Added setting to stop time based increases in wanted level.
Added setting to stop wanted level from increasing by killing police
Added speed limit signs to the UI

Updated ped swapping from deleting your old character (they are not persistent though and might despawn by the game)
Updated ASD agencies to use assault rifles since they cannot shoot the marksman out of the heli
Updated chase tasking to hopefully minimize chase blobs
Updated investigation mode colors to match the cops current state better
Updated the UI to be more descriptive and moved some stuff around
Updated random crime distance to be further away
Updated UI to have some more relevant information and moved some things around
Updated peds calling in crimes for other peds to be less performance intensive (will always cause some performance degradation, can turn off with a setting)
Updated kidnapping crime to be disabled by default until I can come up with better detection techniques

Fixed some offset setting while pedswapping. You can now takeover the same ped multiple times.
Fixed former ped always dying after pedswapping while wanted (still should be dead if swapped while dead)
Fixed vehicle notification not including owned vehicles unless you are in them
Fixed the engine toggle duplication bug (maybe not)
Fixed some issues with deleting dead cops
Fixed vehicles not being properly marked as mod spawned and not being cleaned up and repaired
Fixed some issues with the Have Description crime reporting
Fixed the investigation circle ui not updating properly
Fixed insulting gangsters, ped, or cops to actually cause a fight
Fixed owned vehicles causing gta charges when getting into the passenger seat.
Fixed ghost cops having weapons (for real this time)
And a lot more

– Version 0.21
Added ped police response. Police will now apprehend peds who are committing crimes (player can use to divert attention)
Added ped crime committing. Peds can randomly commit crimes in the world, against you or other peds (configurable with timeouts)
Added ped crime tracking. Peds will call in crimes committed by other peds (configurable)
Added ped arresting. Player can watch peds who are busted by the cops be transported to jail (more to come)
Added helicopter mounted weapons and spotlight control
Added more description to the suspicious vehicle scanner report
Added more description to the player status notification
Added crime display that shows all crimes currently violating (used to see what triggers a wanted level default off)
Added even more tweakable settings

Updated police chasing to react more dynamically (getting in and out of a car, when to stop, etc.)
Updated error handling to allow some small errors on update without needing an entire restart
Updated buttons used to start to avoid conflicts with other mods
Updated search mode stopping to hopefully fix the floating weapons some players experience
Updated and simplified ped perception to be more reliable
Updated to allow non pilot peds to use long guns in the helicopter
Updated military and 4 star response vehicles and passengers
Updated weapon assignment in helis and tanks, they are much tougher now
Updated arresting and unarresting animations
Updated Weapons.xml to include some new DLC weapons
Updated cops voice lines to correspond to another target (if applicable)

Fixed county jurisdiction spawning issues, the air support divisions should now respond properly
Fixed some rare RAGE.Inventory and RAGE.Tasks crashes by calling the natives instead of using the built in classes
Fixed some general police tasking issues
Fixed heli tasking during active tasks
Fixed helicopters never having
Fixed having kidnapping trigger when passengers are in your group or are mission peds
Fixed startup notification to display the actual build number
Fixed unload notification text
Fixed helicopter and tanks passengers never using mounted weapons
Fixed police accuracy not matching the value from settings
Fixed police tasking when on foot in investigation mode, will now use the navmesh
Fixed police weapon assignment to disallow taser use in vehicle
And a lot more

– Version 0.141
Fixed change/remove plate and save game menus not updating properly to changes until after a restart.
Fixed crash on change plate when there isnt a vehicle around
Fixed some general crashes and added more error checking
Fixed cops weapons attachments not being added to guns.
Fixed tracking of killed civilians and cops.
Fixed scanner to allow the multi audio reports to play.
Fixed getting constant police assault charges from a bleeding cop.
Fixed getting a wanted level right after ped swapping while busted MOST of the time (some edge cases you still might, fine system will help)
Fixed non-mod spawned police from getting stuck in a chase task even after a bribe.
Fixed riding as a passenger triggering a driving stolen vehicle
Fixed self-radio being auto set by default.
Updated missions peds to not be tasked or report crimes by default. Used to allow other mods to spawn enemies and not interfere.
Updated police speech and increased frequency.
Updated police tasking handle more possible chase states.
Lowered how often scanner can play ambient events.
Tweaked some crimes for better flow.
Increased time it takes to get intoxicated and to sober up.
Increased update frequency of police and civilians slightly to improve responsiveness.
Changed restricted zone to require you to be inside the zone for a period of time to trigger trespassing.
Added basic vehicle persistence, owned vehicles will not disappear until you are far away.
Added EMS Dispatching. Ambulances will now be added to ambient traffic (more to come).
Added Fire Dispatching. Firetrucks will now be added to ambient traffic (more to come).
Added Dynamic Roadblocks. Includes spike strips and can appear on any road. Uses any agencies vehicles.
Added vehicle ownership menu item. Used to flag a vehicle as owned so it isnt considered stolen and isnt locked.
Added new police response at level one. Police will now react more realistically to petty crimes.
Added new fine system. Can quick pay a small fee to get out of petty crimes.
Added permadeath mode.
Added grace period after bribing police or payng a fine. They won’t worry about petty crimes for a bit afterwards, but will still respond to major crimes.
Added setting to disable my gas system and allow use of another mod/vanilla.
Added tons more settings to have even more control over the systems and difficulty.
Tweaked existing settings default values to make more sense


Greskrendtregk (aka notphoon)
– alexguirre
– alloc8or
– pongo1231
– Eddlm
– FoxUnitOne
– RAGE Plugin Hook Team
– GTAForums

3.2/5 – (4 votes)

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What are GTA 5 Mods?

At its core, GTA 5 is an open-ended game that allows players to roam a vast virtual world, indulging in various activities from heists to leisurely drives. However, for those yearning for more, the magic of mods steps in to fulfill their desires. GTA 5 mods are user-generated content that redefines the game’s experience, providing players with a canvas upon which they can unleash their imaginations.

The Diverse Landscape of GTA 5 Mods

The world of GTA 5 mods is an expansive landscape filled with a myriad of creative offerings. Modders continually contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem, and some of the popular mod categories include:

  1. Graphics Overhauls: Visual enhancements take GTA 5’s already impressive graphics to a whole new level. From realistic lighting and textures to environmental improvements, these mods create breathtaking scenery that pulls players even deeper into the virtual world.
  2. Wild Rides: Vehicle mods are a staple for any GTA 5 player. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike revel in the vast assortment of new vehicles introduced, including real-life cars, futuristic rides, and everything in between.
  3. Gameplay Twists: For players seeking unique challenges, gameplay mods offer a fresh take on the game’s mechanics. Custom missions, interactive NPCs, and dynamic weather systems are just a few examples of the captivating gameplay modifications available.
  4. Immersive Role-Playing: Role-playing (RP) mods transport players into alternate realities, where they can assume various roles and interact with others in a living, breathing world. The RP community thrives on collaboration, fostering engaging experiences within the game’s framework.

The Art of Modding

Behind each mod lies a talented and dedicated modder, often driven purely by their love for the game and their desire to share their creations with the world. Modding is a form of artistry, where skilled individuals use their coding expertise, design prowess, and storytelling finesse to shape the GTA 5 universe.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The impact of GTA 5 mods extends far beyond the virtual realm. The modding community brings together players from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for creativity and innovation. Modders collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in their ventures, resulting in a vibrant and interconnected network of enthusiasts.

The Future of GTA 5 Mods

As GTA 5 continues to captivate players worldwide, the future of mods appears even brighter. With new technologies and tools emerging, modders will have even greater scope for exploration and innovation. The community’s creativity knows no bounds, and players can expect a constant stream of new content that keeps the virtual city of Los Santos alive and thriving.


GTA 5 mods have transformed the gaming experience from a fixed adventure into a dynamic realm of endless possibilities. Modders play an integral role in shaping the game’s future, and their dedication fuels the imagination of players worldwide. As the modding community thrives and evolves, GTA 5 remains a testament to the unbridled creativity and ingenuity that flourishes within the gaming community. With the boundless opportunities afforded by mods, players will continue to be enthralled by the diverse and ever-expanding world of GTA 5 for years to come.

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