Download US Special Forces Cold War Era Expansion Pack EUP (SP/FiveM Addon/Replace) V1.0

US Special Forces Cold War Era Expansion Pack EUP (SP/FiveM Addon/Replace) V1.0


1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (1st SFOD-D) [Operation Acid Gambit, Invasion of Panama, 1989][Operation Gothic Serpent, Black Hawk Down, 1993][Operation Desert Storm, SCUD Hunters, 1991] CIA Special Activities Center
USN SEALs [Operation Desert Storm, VBSS Operations on the Red Sea, 1991]

Full List Of components:
teef: Alice Belt Loadouts (Rifleman, Team Leader, VBSS)
task (Armour): ABA Vest with 4 loadouts, TG Faust Vest
hand (Bag): ABA Backpack, Alice Frame with Axe
lowr (Pants): Nomex Flight Suit (With MP5 Mags, Without)
berd (Extras): Extraction Harness, Life Jacket
jbib (Shirt): Nomex Flight Suit (Longs and Folded)
accs (Rigs): LPU-21/P Life Preserver Belt, AWS Strike Chest Rig
head (Helmets): Protec High Cut (Goggles/ANVIS 9), Protec Full Cut, Bandana, Pakol Cap, David Clarkson Flight Deck Helmet (Goggles/PVS5), PVS 5 Headgear
ears: David Clark Headset, Bowman Headset
eyes: Sky Diving Goggles, Oakley Shades

Set up for FiveM Addon and SP addon (READ HERE FOR REPLACE)
For conversion into FiveM Replace simply extract the components and props from SP Addon DLC and rename them accordingly.

Installation for SP are as follows drag the folder into dlc folders and add this line to the dlclist in (Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data) dlcpacks:/

Common Bugs For FiveM

GTA V has a hardcoded limit of .ymts file it can use hence if you are using too much addon packs it may cause a crash it is advised to either combine packs or replace components.

Try using the FiveM Pack with reduced .ymt numbers, but be aware that functionalities such as specific sounds haircut options for helmets will no longer be available and may clip through the hat.



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