Download GTA IV Jayvon Simson [Add-On Ped] V1.0

GTA IV Jayvon Simson [Add-On Ped] V1.0

Jayvon Simson was a member of the North Holland Hustlers. He was a small-time drug dealer and was therefore wanted by the police. To avoid being arrested by the LCPD, he became a police informant and ratted out his fellow gang members, including leader Dwayne Forge. When Dwayne was incarcerated, Jayvon started to date Dwayne’s girlfriend, Cherise Glover.

When Dwayne gets out of prison, he goes to his former apprentice Playboy X, who connects him with Niko Bellic. Dwayne sends Niko to kill Jayvon, who was, at the time, with Cherise at an arcade in Chinatown. Jayvon manages to get on his bike and flees, while being followed by Niko, who eventually kills him and takes his money back to Dwayne.


Jayvon Simson’s model is actually one of the Jamaican gangster models from GTA IV! Although he is mentioned as being a part of North Holland hustlers via this mission in particular with Dwayne, he is very much seen helping Niko when Little Jacob brings backup for some of the missions! He’s also been known to hang out at Little Jacob’s Cafe when you go to play pool!

This model has been finally brought to GTA V via 3ds max model rigging! I have gotten a lot better at making facial animation edits and even clothing edits as to get that same GTA IV feel when using these models! Let me know in the comments section of this mod what you think! Don’t forget to visit our discord where you can vote for the next model conversions from GTA IV – GTA V! Link to that will be at the bottom of this description!

Installation instructions:

Install “addonpeds

add the 4 files “g_m_y_jamaicangang_01” to the addon peds pack.

follow this route: Grand Theft Auto V \ mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ addonpeds \ dlc.rpf \ peds.rpf \
or you can also install it as a replace by renaming the ped to what you want!
Ex: changing the name “g_m_y_jamaicangang_01” to “ig_barry” and replacing the model that way.

What is included in this mod:

The Jayvon model has both heads from GTA IV with facial animations to fit GTA V!

He has all his outfits with the original textures from GTA IV!

Outfits have decent vertice editing to ensure better movement for animations!

He has two lowers that have military camo for one and denim jeans for the other!

All of his hats have been added for better style for the model!

Addon Ped Helpers:
Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!)
Packfile Limit Adjuster

Hope this helps prevent crashes with addon peds if you encounter them!

How to Use:

In order to spawn or play as the Jamaican gangster model in game, enter the model’s name into “spawn ped by model name” via simple trainer.
(If you do not have this trainer, then just type the name in the designated area of your current trainer):


If you use simple trainer you can add the model name to the ini file of trainer v and you then won’t have to input the name every time in game!
Just list it under the addonpeds section!

If you decide to use MapBuilder/map editor for creating scenes with him, then be sure to add the name to the top of the “ped list” in order to spawn him for your creations!



Download mod

File File size
GTA IV Jayvon Simson
4 MB

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