Download Precision Airstrikes [.NET] V5.0.0.1

Precision Airstrike [with sound] V1.0

Iconic killstreak from MW now in V!

Use a flare to mark your target
Two jets will spawn and BRRRTTT marked target
OG audio from MW2
Configurable via .ini

ASI Loader
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0

Extract files in to the scripts folder
Use PrecisionAirstrike.ini to configure

-Fixed memory leak
-Added radio chatter audio
-Implemented audio anti spam
-Addon planes support
-Ability to toggle jet audio via .ini
-Ability to toggle chatter audio via .ini

-Fixed addon planes not despawning in some cases where they blow up/crash etc
-Fixed audio staying in memory in those same cases

-Fixed only one jet shooting (strike is more precise now, no pun intended)
-Fixed jet spawns, no more explosions on spawn
-Fixed jet flight path, they fly more in sync now and avoid crashes
-Jets stay for longer
-Audio reworked, better sound and perfectly in sync
-Added jet camera, press NumPad5 to toggle (key configurable via .ini)
-The strike itself is more realistic now (watched some videos and tweaked rate of fire etc)

-Remixed the sound, more bass and cleaned some noise
-Added bassy distant jet sound, sound doesn’t cut off abruptly
-Added ability to tweak jet spawn height. Beware – lower looks cooler but the chances the jets will crash are higher (don’t worry though, they will respawn for another round a short time after)

-Fixed planes disappearing too early in some cases

-Fixed camera toggle responsiveness
-Fixed planes exploding on spawn (again)
-Fixed planes not firing at the target (the only case they won’t fire is when the flare stopped smoking, since the pilots can’t see the target anymore they RTB)
-Fixed planes exploding from their own shots
-Fixed planes crashing into things
-Pilots use brakes and other surfaces (make turns), flight feels more natural
-Planes have turbulence now
-Planes now spawn smarter, and always head in the correct direction
-Fixed gear retracting/detracting mid flight
-Planes now use the height of the target as an offset (if you throw a flare on the top of Chiliad, the planes will spawn at the height of the mountain plus the height you specified in the ini)
-The strike covers larger area now, the coverage area moves forward with the plane
-Added ability to tweak the radius of the strike via ini (if radius set to zero, the shots will draw a straight line)
-Added ability to toggle blips via ini

-Planes change attitude to avoid obstacles
-Camera improvements
-Disabled debug text that I forgot

-Fixes for strike not hitting the target
-Some improvements to the strike itself
-New strike mode
-More configurable options in .ini

-Menu implemented, not everything is configurable via menu for now
-Strike improvements (a bit longer burst, faster fire rate, bigger coverage)

-New targeting mode – you can switch between flare and the IR Spotlight marker in the menu. Different strikes, different spotlight colors
-New airstrike, EMP drone swarm. Blast disables all vehicles including planes and helis, and causes a short power surge in the city. Here it is in action It is still WIP, feel free to post your ideas and suggestions
-Menu adjustments
-Added effects on radar when planes spawn/despawn
-Incase of incorrect model name in the ini you will see a warning message, instead of crashing
-All strikes slightly tweaked
-Script cleans memory on loading, disposes of the models if they exist. Feel free to restart midgame if needed, should be stable now
-Player receives flare/spotlight automatically when selecting targeting mode
-Added ability to change menu key
-Various bug fixes

-Improved drone swarm spawning
-Drones now rain down rockets
-EMP effect improved

-Minor bug fixes

-Fixed planes not shooting sometimes
-Fixed menu flickering while accessing it mid strike
-Added timeout counter in the menu
-Menu cosmetic tweaks
-Minor tweaks

-Rewrote menu, now supports gamepad (needs confirmation from people with gamepads)
-Hopefully fixed menu not opening no matter what key is set in the .ini for some people
-Menu redesigned, new options in the menu
-Gatling gun strike is now much longer
-Some people said they preferred the old gatling gun sound (from MW2), some said they like the new sound better (from Insurgency Sandstorm). I mixed them together
-Drone swarm tweaks
-Fixed only one jet visible on jet camera, FOV tweaked
-Fixed planes with cartoonish colors
-Various minor tweaks

-Fixed gatling gun audio not playing when radio chatter set to off
-Fixed planes not despawning when reloading script midstrike
-Fixed camera not resetting while jets despawning when jet camera is active
-Sound improved

-Added ability to edit gamepad controls for gamepad users(need a confirmation that it works)
-Added ability to disable automatic HUD hiding while in jet camera, for compatibility with “hud on phone up” trainer option

-Red tracers for the 30mm cannons
-All strike types reworked
-Missile barrage replaced with carpet bombing
-GAU-8 strike is much longer
-Jets start shooting earlier, now they fly overhead AFTER finishing the strike, which looks much better
-Audio tweaked to be more in sync
-Settings check on startup, invalid values will be reset and a message will be displayed
-Various tweaks and improvements

-Stealth bomber rework (
-Added the ability to configure the EMP of the Drone Swarm. 3 modes available:
1.Normal – All vehicle engines in range are disabled
2.Aircraft only – EMP affects planes and helis only
3.Disabled – No EMP, missiles only
-Improved precision of all strikes
-Fixed “height” displaying “0” at startup while set to 150
-Various minor tweaks

-Compatibility with newest version
-Minor bug fixes
-Major code cleanup
-Fixed jets not spawning
-Fixed jets spawning but not shooting
-Fixed annoying error message on launch
-Added an electric flash on EMP blast
-Added ability to use custom model for the drone strike



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