Download Random Start [Asi] ++V1.2

Random Start 1.5

Start your game as a random character in a random scenario, or a saved character in no scenario you decide.

All work is my own based on reasarch through gta moding forums. If you want to show some support for this and my other mods please subscribe to my youtube channel, you can also find videos and links to other mods i’ve made for games like Black & White2, and Fallout, i will be also be adding links and videos to mods i’ve made on steam at some point.

— Random location Ped on start.
— Saving a custom ped including face blend data and Overlays for Freemode peds.
— Settings done through a menu system(Default bind is ‘L’ key).
— Permanent death..with funeral.
— Prison sentences. (Still may need some improvment)
— Trainer finder for Simple-Trainer, Menyoo and Enhanced-Native-Trainer, for auto vehicle lists.


Place the scripts folder in the zip file into your ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ folder.


I have added a language file XML if placed in the scripts folder this will replace the in game text.

Required Files

All the free DLC’s installed…
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.0.2

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

– Use of any start game move player mods.
– Can enter a blank loading screen after death/arrest or on load. if you have this happen reloading .Net with the reload ‘scripts key’ will restart the mod clearing the load screen.

Version 1.2
Fixed crash on load when using random ped and fill vehicle scenario.
Added a randomise option to the scenario selection menu.
Added beach party back into cayo perico.
Menu now closes when game is paused.
Made the resurection script run a bit faster.

Version 1.11
Fixed menu text in wrong area.
Fixed the default ped being selected as a saved ped.
Fixed saved animal peds being used in scenarios.

Version 1.1
Fixed issue with saving outfits.
Added reincarnation spawn point to keep the player in the same area when they die.
Added reincarnation spawn points to Cayo Perico and Yankton.

Version 1.0
Rewriten in C++ for improved stablility and optimization.

Version 2.92
Fixed ped voice not saving.
Fixed Hair cut for freemmode not saving.
Removed the invisible chris ped when a failed reincarnation is passed.

Version 2.91
Fixed major bug over loading the outfit saves with blank numbers.
Renamed SavePed File Again and added a fix to saves effected by the earlyer update..

Version 2.9
Fixed loads of OutofRange null Refs.
Fixed Initial start to load without the several seconds of pause.
Fixed asset bloat on restart.
Fixed missing map/land on cayo restarts.
Added extra compatability with new street phone missions now Service and Worker options will enter directly into a mission.
Changed how ped details are stored and reloaded.
Added multiple outfit saves for saved peds.
Added hair overlays and named them, now freemode hair is handled diffrently.
Added more descriptions to the menu.

Version 2.81
Added controler support for opening .
Added new RNG for better randomness.
Added Freemode ped too random spawns.

Version 2.8
Updated the tattoo lists with the new tattoos.
Updated the weapon list with the new weapons.
updated the vehicle lists with the new vehicles.

Version 2.7
Re organised file system for better performance.
Fixed prison escape.
Made compatable with new version of NSPM.

Version 2.61
Added a senario selection to the RandomStartSettings.exe, which can be manualy altered in the RSettings.Xml.

Version 2.6
Added a RandomStartSettings.exe to set settings b4 loading in.
fixed an issue causing components and props to fail to save.

Version 2.5
Reincarnation, now when you die you have the option of instant reincarnation.
Fixed seatbelt option switching to off on menu load.
Fixed random switching issue for better RNG.
Fixed outofrange fail on random location selection.

Version 2.4
Further fixes to how save peds are handled.
If you are using a save ped with no alterations that ped shold be first on ped list.
All items are saved in one locations to prevent wipping of tats and facedata.
Added animal option now you can spawn in as Los Santos Wild live.
Added Assimilate otion to capture nearby peds.

Version 2.3
Added new vehicles from the Contract DLC.
Added new weapons from the Contract DLC.
Rearranged how weapon lists are made so your loadout is saved until rewritten in the settings menu.
Added multi language support with auto recognize.

Version 2.2
Fixed any undeclared public Lists.(may have caused some OutOfRange fails)

Version 2.1
Fixed the main protag death arrest blank screen.
Added option to alter voices and save to xml.
Added a second pass to adding Mk2 Ammo for keep weapons option.
Fixed an issue with saving in first/second character slots.

Version 2.0
Added saved names to funeral also can alter names in ‘NamingList.XMl’ suggested by Mcboyo.
Added face features to freemode ped settings suggested by Phnx.
Changed the multiple saved peds XMLs into one XML, any previous saved peds will be added to this XML onload.

Version 1.9
Fixed Overlays missing from freemode peds at load.
Fixed seatbelt not being set to on at load.

Version 1.8
Added tattoos for freemode and main charicters.
Reaganged the ped option menu to regen for pre saved charicters (fixes the wrong setings bug).
Set player to invincible till screen has faded in.
Delete now deletes correct save.
Added a seat belt option.
Added a log file for error checking..

Version 1.75
Added a mult save option save and name your peds, have one randomly selected on load
Ability to Load Edit and Save all avalable Peds.

Version 1.73
Reverted the SHVDN version back to 3.03.
Version 1.72

Added the missing map for cayo perico.
Changed some animations to scenarios to prevent the exit animation getting stuck.

Version 1.71
Re-activated the auto dlc vehicle lists and now includes AddonSpawner.
Added a Beach party to ‘Cayo Perico’.
Added some scenarios on ‘Cayo Perico’.
Changed some routes on Bike/Atv and cycles.
Added a auto get back on vehicle if accidently falls off/out of vehicle.
Changed the Weapon/Attachment XML, to not include the ingame Weapon list so can just add your custom weapon/atachments to the list.

Version 1.7
Added Cayo Perico Island to random locations.
Added North Yankton to random locations.
Fixed current ammo to ammo replace.
Addded all weapons up to current DLC to weapon list can now add custom weapons to the WeaponList.XML
Fixed return weapons on death.
Fixed missing icon for prison break.
Added disable dissapearing veh option to use till there is a trainer to stop them dissapearing.

Version 1.6
Reworked the ped scenareo select to now be quicker and more stable.
Made new option of Pliot.
Reworked a lot of the scenareos with added vehicles, animations and other interactions.

Version 1.5
Added a take control button for senareos.
added random driving to spawn in vehicle random senareo.
Fixed a menu open fault causing death arrest not to fire.
Made a less random XML to make the random selection feal more random.

Version 1.4
Added Ped Components and Props options.
Fixed a missing death/arrest tracker.
Added a blank screen fail safe that switches screen on after 30 seconds.
Added multi language support.

Version 1.31
Added opacity and colour to Overlay data.
Added Options to set Overlay data with opacity and colour.
Menu now counts saved data for hair/eyes/overlays.
Made a more stable prop creation system.

Version 1.3
Players weapon lists saved to the settings XML on load, all weapons get returned on death of random character.
Option to keep weapons on character swap.
Removed restrictions on scenarios for save character.
Have a more active Death/Arrest System for preventing loading screen fault.
Added a disable action replay function.

Version 1.2
Improvements to death arrest. reduced delays for menyoo and a new method to prevent the blank screen for other/no trainers.
Get your weapons and attachments back when your random ped dies.
Added a heli to prison to aid in your excape.

Version 1.1
Fixed Menu option title to be more clear in what they do.
Added Hair and eye adjustments to menu for Saving ‘Freemode Peds’.
Added hats to random peds.
Improved on compatability with ‘New Street Phone Missions’.

Version 1.0
First release



Download mod

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What are GTA 5 Mods?

At its core, GTA 5 is an open-ended game that allows players to roam a vast virtual world, indulging in various activities from heists to leisurely drives. However, for those yearning for more, the magic of mods steps in to fulfill their desires. GTA 5 mods are user-generated content that redefines the game’s experience, providing players with a canvas upon which they can unleash their imaginations.

The Diverse Landscape of GTA 5 Mods

The world of GTA 5 mods is an expansive landscape filled with a myriad of creative offerings. Modders continually contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem, and some of the popular mod categories include:

  1. Graphics Overhauls: Visual enhancements take GTA 5’s already impressive graphics to a whole new level. From realistic lighting and textures to environmental improvements, these mods create breathtaking scenery that pulls players even deeper into the virtual world.
  2. Wild Rides: Vehicle mods are a staple for any GTA 5 player. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike revel in the vast assortment of new vehicles introduced, including real-life cars, futuristic rides, and everything in between.
  3. Gameplay Twists: For players seeking unique challenges, gameplay mods offer a fresh take on the game’s mechanics. Custom missions, interactive NPCs, and dynamic weather systems are just a few examples of the captivating gameplay modifications available.
  4. Immersive Role-Playing: Role-playing (RP) mods transport players into alternate realities, where they can assume various roles and interact with others in a living, breathing world. The RP community thrives on collaboration, fostering engaging experiences within the game’s framework.

The Art of Modding

Behind each mod lies a talented and dedicated modder, often driven purely by their love for the game and their desire to share their creations with the world. Modding is a form of artistry, where skilled individuals use their coding expertise, design prowess, and storytelling finesse to shape the GTA 5 universe.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The impact of GTA 5 mods extends far beyond the virtual realm. The modding community brings together players from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for creativity and innovation. Modders collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in their ventures, resulting in a vibrant and interconnected network of enthusiasts.

The Future of GTA 5 Mods

As GTA 5 continues to captivate players worldwide, the future of mods appears even brighter. With new technologies and tools emerging, modders will have even greater scope for exploration and innovation. The community’s creativity knows no bounds, and players can expect a constant stream of new content that keeps the virtual city of Los Santos alive and thriving.


GTA 5 mods have transformed the gaming experience from a fixed adventure into a dynamic realm of endless possibilities. Modders play an integral role in shaping the game’s future, and their dedication fuels the imagination of players worldwide. As the modding community thrives and evolves, GTA 5 remains a testament to the unbridled creativity and ingenuity that flourishes within the gaming community. With the boundless opportunities afforded by mods, players will continue to be enthralled by the diverse and ever-expanding world of GTA 5 for years to come.

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