Open IV 4.0.1 – Get 4.0.1 version & info

Improvements in installation and updates:

We’re starting to roll out our new install and update method with this release. The following are the benefits of the first step:

  • The setup package has been reduced in size.
  • Updates from this version to future versions should be faster to download than earlier versions.

The following are some of the future changes to our install and update system:

  • Support for small partial patches. This would allow us to update specific OpenIV files (such as RDR 2 filename databases or localization packs) without having to update the entire application.
  • Various update channels are supported. As a result, we will be able to supply BETA versions prior to the general release.

These enhancements are expected later this year.

Support for Red Dead Redemption 2:

Our goal with Red Dead Redemption 2 support was to improve the user experience. We concentrated on two aspects of the project: file naming and bug patches.

We added a lot of names for files, audio tracks, and some text keys in OpenIV 4.0.1. Many of those names and strings were discovered and contributed by the modding community. We built a new GitHub repository to keep track of all the names and other strings, which anyone may use and contribute to. You may find it here:, where you can see all of the names and strings that OpenIV is currently aware of, organized into text databases. Aside from strings, it also includes a series of minor tools that make it easier to work with those databases and add new strings yourself. Work is still in process, and there isn’t much documentation available right now.

Other RDR 2 changes include:

  • We fixed an issue that prevented OpenIV from running Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • We fixed a problem that caused OpenIV to crash while trying to open some RDR 2 audio files.
  • We fixed an issue where OpenIV exported multichannel audio from RDR 2 improperly.
  • In RDR 2, we corrected an issue where OpenIV couldn’t work with specific textures.
  • From the file context menu, you may now export META/PSO files to XML format.

Support for Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition includes:-

GTA IV was recently updated to Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition by Rockstar Games, and we now provide greater support for this version:

  • When using OpenIV with GTA IV: Complete Edition, we introduced the ability to view Episodes (The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) animations and cut sequences.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented OpenIV from running GTA IV: Complete Edition.
  • For GXT entries, we added extra key names.

In OpenIV 4.0.1, the following modifications, upgrades, and corrections have been made:-

  • We fixed an issue that prevented OpenIV from running Grand Theft Auto V (Epic Games Store Version).
  • We fixed an issue that caused OpenIV to crash when various modes and textures in GTA V were opened.
  • When all files were removed from an embedded archive, OpenIV did not update the size of the archive.
  • By changing files in your documents folder, you can add new names and strings to OpenIV databases: OpenIV[Game Name]Strings in DocumentsOpenIV[Game Name]Strings in DocumentsOpenIV[Game Name]Strings in DocumentsOpen With this upgrade, OpenIV will refresh the content of such files without requiring a restart.

This version’s changelog may be found on our bug tracker here.

Localization of the user interface:-

We have instructions for translating OpenIV into your own language, and we are requesting that you do so. The localization guide is available on GitHub. The versions 4.0 and 4.0.1 are identical.


If you already have OpenIV, the next time you run it, it will prompt you to upgrade it. If you still don’t have OpenIV, you can get it right now by clicking the link below.

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