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Property Manager V0.8.1.0b

The Property Manager Mod is a GTA 5 modification that enhances the property management experience in the game. This mod introduces various features that allow players to efficiently manage and customize their virtual properties.

Valet Service: Experience the luxury of a dedicated valet service that parks your vehicles, cleans them, and places them in designated parking spots.
Security Team: Enjoy the added prestige and protection with a team of security personnel who salute your character’s passage.
Functional Showers: Interact with fully functional showers that not only cleanse your character but also remove any bloodstains.
Helipad Management: Spawn and manage helicopters on helipads, and enjoy smooth takeoffs and landings.
Convenient Teleportation: Easily teleport between mansions based on your mode of transportation (on foot, in a car, or in a helicopter).
Elevator Functionality: Experience seamless elevator functionality in mansions equipped with elevators, allowing you to effortlessly travel between floors.

Supported Mansions:
Pacific Rooftop (from DLC: pacific_rooftop) by: guillaume56
Pacific Villa (from DLC: pacific_villa) by: guillaume56
Desert Mansion (from DLC: desert_mansion) by: guillaume56
Modern Wood House (from DLC: modern_wood_house_1a) by: BigShaqNOKetchup
Modern Casual Apartment (from DLC: sml_lux_apa_1a) by: BigShaqNOKetchup
Modern Business Apartment (from DLC: sml_lux_apa_1b) by: BigShaqNOKetchup
French Villa (from DLC: french_villa) by: guillaume56
Vinewood Hills Mansion (from DLC: vinewood_hills_mansion) by: guillaume56
Chalet Forrest (from DLC: chalet2) by: Gidoxy
The ORA Mansion (from DLC: the_ora_mansion) by: guillaume56
Forrest Mansion (from DLC: forest_mansion) by: guillaume56
Wild House (from DLC: wild_house) by: guillaume56
Vice City Loft (from DLC: vice_city_loft) by: guillaume56
Malibu Mansion (from DLC: malibu_mansion) by: BigShaqNOKetchup
Eclipse Tower Rooftop (from DLC: rooftop) by: Gidoxy
Mega Villa Design (from DLC: mega_villa_design) by: guillaume56
Villa Island (from DLC: villa_island) by: guillaume56
Designer House (from DLC: designer_house) by: BigShaqNOKetchup
Eclipse Tower Rooftop (from DLC: rooftop) by: Gidoxy
Mega Villa Design (from DLC: mega_villa_design) by: guillaume56
Villa Island (from DLC: villa_island) by: guillaume56
Designer House (from DLC: designer_house) by: BigShaqNOKetchup


Ensure that you have a clean installation of GTA 5 on your PC.
Download the mod files.
Copy the PropertyManager.dll file and the PropertyManager folder to the “scripts” directory of your GTA 5 installation.
Launch the game and enjoy the enhanced property management features.

Script Hook V .NET 3

V 1.1
🏠 About the Mod: The Property Manager V1.1 brings unprecedented realism to property management in-game. Now, you can either buy or rent properties, customize them with a wide array of services, and manage them like never before.

💼 Features: Buy or Rent Properties: Choose how you want to acquire your in-game properties. Customizable Services and Staff: From furniture to helipads, and bartenders to pilots, tailor each property according to your needs. Dynamic Financial Management: Stay on top of your finances with detailed daily billing for taxes, salaries, and rent. Resell Option: Flexibility to resell your assets, adapting your strategy as needed. Realistic Consequences: Be cautious with your financial decisions, as failure to pay bills can lead to dramatic in-game consequences.

🚤 New Features: V 0.9

Introducing our innovative Dock Management System! Experience it firsthand at the stunning Mafia Mansion owned by Leuge56. Choose between ascending the staircase or using our convenient teleporter for quick access. Meet the captain and request a ride to any of your boats anchored nearby. Travel in style and comfort in our swift motorboat, ensuring a dry and smooth journey.

🛥 Boat Anchoring & Captain Services: When you’re near a property with a dock, you now have the option to drop anchor. Remember, to set off again, simply raise the anchor. Only after anchoring your boat will you be able to request your captain for a pickup. Make sure to position yourself at the rear of the boat to signal him.

Support for leuge56’s latest artwork:
Valet + garage (4 spaces)
Points of interest

The support for BfTheOne has also begun, and a complete update will be available soon. Currently, I am facing a minor technical issue with the garage on this property.

BigShaqNoKetchup : Nature Weekend House
Leuge_56 (on Patreon): Small Designer Villa 01
BigShaqNoKetchup : Designer Penthouse: Remake (Offered to you by a patreon)

Added Tvs Support in some mansions (Tvs don’t turn completely off… still figuring out)
Tropical villa from leuge56:

Sleeping behavior
Numerous points of interest (POI).

0.8.3.hotfix Hotfix
Support for other character than franklin/Trevor/Michael

0.8.3 Intermediate version
Peds perform various scenarios when in IDLE mode.
All Peds return to their original positions after the combat is over.
The valet now has an improved menu for preparing vehicles, and you are no longer limited to just three choices.


Sleeping behavior
Numerous points of interest (POI).
Mafia Mansion:

V2 support added.
Garden management.

Added military salute thanks to @nj5050
In the Malibu Mansion:

Added 4 bartenders who serve whiskey, coffee, and a donut.
Added 2 chefs who serve a burger, a sandwich, and a donut.
Added workout animations in the gym.
Added “go to bed” animations on both sides of the bed.
Added a total of 98 points of interest (POIs).
In the Mafia Mansion by guillaume56 (this is a sick mansion !!!):

Added support for the mod.
Added security personnel.
Added valet service.
Added extensive support for points of interest (64 interactions with furniture).
Added functional showers.
Added a closet.
Garden will be added in next release
Started support for BeachFront2 by Groundone216:

Added valet service and parking.
Added helipad management.
Added security personnel.
Added 10 points of interest.
More to come 🙂
In the Forrest Mansion:

Added 16 points of interest.

Latest version 0.8 – BETA:
Added compatibility with meimeiriver’s ModernWoodenHouse property script, it’s better to use it.
Implemented a framework for creating contextual points of interest with playable animations. Currently includes sitting, smoking, BBQ, and more animations planned for the future like sleeping, drinking, dancing, etc. Notably, the cigarette animation plays as a secondary animation, allowing for seamless blending with other animations.You decide when you puff at your rythme.
Significant update to error management, providing improved crash notifications and crash reports for easier troubleshooting.
Animations are currently only implemented in the Malibu Mansion, Modern Casual Apartment, Modern Business Apartment, and the Modern Wooden House.
Two mini mods have been added, allowing you to smoke or sit anywhere using the mod’s trainer while we work on implementing these features in all properties.

0.7.3 – BETA

Added support of Designer House by Guillaume56
Added wardrobe functionality to numerous properties, allowing you to change clothes and save your current outfit. In future releases, you will be able to modify and import outfits from Menyoo if possible.
Enhanced realism of showers with a new shower animation. Players can now change into more appropriate shower attire upon request.
In the Beach Club, an improved whiskey drinking animation and music that can be heard throughout the club and stops when you move away a sufficient distance.
Added an option in the settings to unlock bulk vehicle spawning for the valet.
Significant fix for menu flickering when there were many choices. While not perfect, it is now much more stable.
Fixed the issue with car license plate registration in parking lots, ensuring accurate and consistent recording of license plates.

0.7.2 – BETA:

Added support for the Beach Club by BigShaqNoKetchup
Significant rework of settings: Now possible to modify PedModels for security, valet, barmaids, DJ, etc. Configuration can be customized per DLC:
For example:

[General] Security.Guard.Model=SecuroGuardMale01
[beach_club_1a] Security.Guard.Model=Bouncer01SMM

[modern_wood_house_1a] Security.Guard.Model=Highsec01SMM,Highsec02SMM

Added new characters, Barmaids and DJ, to the Beach House, with whom interactions are possible. However, complex animations and smooth transitions are still a challenge and require further improvement (patience is appreciated).
Further improved compatibility with meimeiriver’s scripts.

0.7 – BETA:
Added initial version of vehicle persistence (via valet or manual parking with confirmation)
Added support for hidden garages in Modern Casual Apartment (valet + garage + parking spots)
Added support for hidden garages in Modern Business Apartment (garage + parking spots)
Added the option to select the vehicle the valet should prepare (note: there is a flickering issue that will be addressed in the next release)
Automatic compatibility with meimeiriver’s MalibuMansion script (If you are using this excellent script, the valet will only handle exterior parking spots, leaving the script to manage the interior spots)
Redesigned the menu mechanics to be dynamic, allocating specific keys for each possible action per frame, preparing the ground for dense Points of Interest (POI)
Security agents will no longer shout; they will only salute (in the future, interaction with them will be possible)
Various small fixes and improvements, including the removal of certain messages (loading/unloading of mansions)
Regarding persistence, when the player moves away, the property is unloaded, and all vehicles will be removed if they are in their designated parking spots. They will be automatically reloaded when the property is approached again

0.6 – BETA
Added support for Dancing Booth by BigShaqNOKetchup (teleport + elevator)
Added support for Indoor Futsal by BigShaqNOKetchup (teleport +elevator)
Added support for Modern hotel room by BigShaqNOKetchup (teleport +elevator)
Added support for Designer Penthouse by BigShaqNOKetchup (teleport +security + showers)
Added support for Venice Beach House by BigShaqNOKetchup (teleport +security + shower even if access is closed to it)



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What are GTA 5 Mods?

At its core, GTA 5 is an open-ended game that allows players to roam a vast virtual world, indulging in various activities from heists to leisurely drives. However, for those yearning for more, the magic of mods steps in to fulfill their desires. GTA 5 mods are user-generated content that redefines the game’s experience, providing players with a canvas upon which they can unleash their imaginations.

The Diverse Landscape of GTA 5 Mods

The world of GTA 5 mods is an expansive landscape filled with a myriad of creative offerings. Modders continually contribute to this ever-growing ecosystem, and some of the popular mod categories include:

  1. Graphics Overhauls: Visual enhancements take GTA 5’s already impressive graphics to a whole new level. From realistic lighting and textures to environmental improvements, these mods create breathtaking scenery that pulls players even deeper into the virtual world.
  2. Wild Rides: Vehicle mods are a staple for any GTA 5 player. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike revel in the vast assortment of new vehicles introduced, including real-life cars, futuristic rides, and everything in between.
  3. Gameplay Twists: For players seeking unique challenges, gameplay mods offer a fresh take on the game’s mechanics. Custom missions, interactive NPCs, and dynamic weather systems are just a few examples of the captivating gameplay modifications available.
  4. Immersive Role-Playing: Role-playing (RP) mods transport players into alternate realities, where they can assume various roles and interact with others in a living, breathing world. The RP community thrives on collaboration, fostering engaging experiences within the game’s framework.

The Art of Modding

Behind each mod lies a talented and dedicated modder, often driven purely by their love for the game and their desire to share their creations with the world. Modding is a form of artistry, where skilled individuals use their coding expertise, design prowess, and storytelling finesse to shape the GTA 5 universe.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The impact of GTA 5 mods extends far beyond the virtual realm. The modding community brings together players from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for creativity and innovation. Modders collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in their ventures, resulting in a vibrant and interconnected network of enthusiasts.

The Future of GTA 5 Mods

As GTA 5 continues to captivate players worldwide, the future of mods appears even brighter. With new technologies and tools emerging, modders will have even greater scope for exploration and innovation. The community’s creativity knows no bounds, and players can expect a constant stream of new content that keeps the virtual city of Los Santos alive and thriving.


GTA 5 mods have transformed the gaming experience from a fixed adventure into a dynamic realm of endless possibilities. Modders play an integral role in shaping the game’s future, and their dedication fuels the imagination of players worldwide. As the modding community thrives and evolves, GTA 5 remains a testament to the unbridled creativity and ingenuity that flourishes within the gaming community. With the boundless opportunities afforded by mods, players will continue to be enthralled by the diverse and ever-expanding world of GTA 5 for years to come.

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